Monday, March 29, 2010

Some Underwater Photography Techniques

Some wonder wheat swimming in the ocean is like, but don't wish to learn how to dive. Underwater photography can bring the underwater world to the surface. Underwater photographers have taken it upon themselves to bring the underwater world to those who don't wish to dive or never had the chance. While all photography is an art the underwater world needs special skills to bring the highest quality alive. Unlike wildlife photography the underwater world needs to be viewed up close. That is to say the marine life needs to be photographed closely. This is because of the water.

Photo: PhotopediaPhotos

The water refracts images often distorting them so the closer you are to your subject the less water you have between you and the subject. Underwater photography requires a great deal of patience. You subject may swim quickly by like the shark, whale or dolphin, or they may hide with in the coral popping out only when danger is not felt. Water holds particles; most usually living organisms called plankton because these particles often float by while you are trying to take a picture you can loose contrast and sharpness of the image. Marine life uses the premise of hiding more than speed or survival of the fittest. This means you will often find your subject camouflaged rather than out in the open.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Scuba Diving Accessories For Beginners

Choose your dive center very carefully - then, if you enjoyed your scuba diving course, trust them to outfit you with the best dive accessories for your type of diving. When you select your dive center start by establishing the credentials of it. Generally, the more status the dive center has, the more it has been audited for quality and customer service. If possible, choose a PADI 5 Star Career Development Center. Failing that, try a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center and so on down the retail status list.

Kaptain Kobold

Other training agencies have similar ratings. Word of mouth is another very strong indicator as most people tell others about a bad experience. After you have completed your course, unless you are totally focused and do it beforehand, you will want to buy your diving accessory. There are literally thousands of different dive items on the market and each scuba retailer offers a selective few brands. Normally these equipment lines are complementary so that the dive center should be able to satisfy novice or experienced recreational divers through to highly experienced technical divers.