Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vanuatu Diving is the best

You will not find any place that is better to get experience and to do scuba diving than in Vanuatu exactly where the waters are the perfect temperature as well as the conditions are consistant, with 5 scuba diving bases located around the main is of Efate (Port Vila) and 4 around the outer island of Santo to select from? For that initial time diver you will discover that most of the leap operators offer an Uncover Scuba Leap, as long as you are ten years outdated and up and are wholesome then there is no reason why you won't be in a position to give diving Vanuatu a go. The hardest component from the Uncover Scuba dive is the completing of the paper work and getting your moist go well with around the right way.


Right after finishing your health-related questionnaire your teacher will then go via a flip chart. This chart explain how you can equalize your ear, how to breath and what machines you will probably be using. The next step from there it's in to a full set of scuba gear and in to either a swimming pool or of the beach for familiarization together with your machines. A couple of dive operators provide their 1st time divers a chance to apply some fundamental skill inside a swimming pool and some dive operators make use of the shallow waters of the seaside.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Underwater art: an innovative gallery in Thetford Mines

Are you a diver in search of an original, out-of-the-ordinary dive? Do you enjoy art? Then you might want to go to Thetford Mines, Quebec, for a very innovative art gallery: the international Aquart festival. Every year, artists are challenged to make art for an underwater gallery, and you visit by putting on diving gear and swimming through the exhibit. All you need is a plane ticket, a travel insurance and your diving equipment, and you’re on to a new experience!


It happens every year, and only for the month of August, when hundreds of divers come in to practice not only their diving skills but also cultivate their taste in art. It is set in an old asbestos mine, which was flooded and turned into a diving lake. Some people had the idea to set works of art at the bottom, to attract divers who would otherwise be diving into sunken ships or other popular diving destinations.