Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Five Great Pool House Ideas

A pool house can be a fantastic addition to your pool area. As well as adding value to your property it also creates a handy area for family and friends to use for entertaining. It can also be a functional space that will help save a lot of unnecessary clean up in your house. By having a shower in your pool house you can stop the trail of wet footprints through your house and people sitting on your furniture with wet bathers. A pool supplies store can give you ideas on what makes a good pool house, and then discuss your needs with your builder.

Photo: Susan Sharpless Smith

Decide what you will be using your pool house for and work out what your budget is. You may just want to have a bathroom with a toilet and shower, to save people walking through your house when they have just got out of the pool, or you might want to create a whole entertainment area with comfortable lounges, a bar, room for things like a pool table, inbuilt stereo equipment and even an open fireplace so you can make use of the space during winter.