Thursday, May 14, 2015

A list of diving resorts in Thailand

If you get a chance to travel to Thailand, you should definitely go for a dive session so that you can experience the underwater world of Thailand which is just as magical as its wilderness on dry land. But, do not settle for the simple dive sites, make sure that you look around and checkout the best diving resorts there are. Moreover, to ensure that you will have the best experience possible, you should find a good resort to stay in as well, so that you will not have to travel too much.

Take a dip in the Andaman Sea

It is best if you go searching for good diving sites around in the Andaman Sea as it has some of the best spots in the world. But, you do not want to come visiting when the weather and waters are not pleasant, which is why you should come during the period between October to April. Not only will the weather and water be perfect, but you will be able to witness underwater wildlife which will leave you in awe; and you will be able to see some rare sites around under the sea as well.