Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scuba Diving To Explore

Engorging, miraculous, blue waters of the ocean are so enticing to any person that enjoys water. Imagine spending an entire week underwater exploring the known and unknown creatures that bring your attention to a striking halt of exasperation. Eyes wide open and heartbeat just rest in every dwelling "in awe" moment. The underwater world is glorifying to anyone that takes the challenge of scuba diving. This is where life and reality meet.

Underwater OK Signal
Photo: Breax201

You have all your gear in check, and you are already on the boat riding to your drop off destination, somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Tropical waters provide you with warm temperatures and bright, bold, intriguing colors. You are now waiting for the "OK" signal to splash into the everlasting pool of water. "Splash" and you are ready for the float of your life. Open your eyes to a wonder world of fish, coral reefs, seaweed, sharks, dolphins, and those creatures that are invisible to the naked eye. This is the underworld, so amazing it cannot be explained; only experienced. If you have not taken the opportunity to scuba dive, find a way, because this is our world and every part should be discovered.

Browsing through the rocky coral reefs, you see creatures that blend in to their surroundings. You have to look closer to be sure they are creatures and not part of the beautiful scenery. The creatures can look like seaweed, rocks, coral, and even other fish. Pink, blue, green, turquoise, yellow, orange, red, purple, grey, and black are just some of the most beautiful colors you will see in the most exuberance presentation known. How would you discover such amazing creatures and colors if you never took the chance to go scuba diving? It is only through scuba diving that you will learn and become the next adventurer into the underworld.

Whales Shark are coming
Photo: Yoshiko314

Scuba diving gives you the experience of a lifetime. What if you ran into a group of dolphins or whales on your sea voyage? What would your reaction be? Perhaps you would hitch a ride on the back of a gentle spirited dolphin, or you would just watch in amazement as that pod of killer whales jump out of the waters doing marvelous acrobats? Killer whales are amongst the most extraordinaire creatures to follow and learn about. Their behavior has been scientifically proven to match that of the human. Scuba diving would give a person the once in a lifetime chance to swim with these beautiful whales and watch as they perform in their natural environment.

You near your scuba diving journey's end although the trip could last forever. But the air tanks must be refilled and your body must recover from all the day's work. As you climb aboard the boat, you look back into the water for one last look. A dolphin splashes in the distance, almost as if to say "goodbye and thanks for visiting my home". You are now back into the human world of fresh air and salty sea spray on your face as you take off towards the beach.

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