Monday, February 15, 2010

Learn Scuba Diving Is So Easy

There is nothing quite like scuba diving. There were only three of us going on the dive, and the two others accompanying me were fully PADI certified, so they didn't need any instruction. That particular dive required that I have classroom lessons that lasted 4 hours. There was a lot that the instructor explained to me during that time like how to use the equipment, what decompression is, what to expect, how to use the buddy system, etc.

Learn Scuba Diving

We did a confined dive first, the afterward went out to the reef for the open dive. The dive itself was amazing and exhilarating for me even though it was what is called a non-decompression dive, only to 40 feet. I had been a snorkel for years, but had never been that close to a reef and fish. For those who crave more diving adventure such as deep sea diving and wreck diving which would take them much deeper in the water they would need much more training, and PADI certification.

It is so easy to learn to dive. Not as hard as you might think. PADI certification can be obtained fairly easily, and at your own pace. There are books and videos that you can obtain to help you through the course. Your instructor will give you a short test at the end of each course. After you have completed what is called knowledge training you start diving. You first experience confined dives and then open water dives. Confined dives take place in a pool or a shallow body of water. The first time I put on the equipment and went in the water we were just waist deep.

Once you have mastered confined dives and proven yourself to your instructors you will have the opportunity to go on open water dives with the instructor. Where you will be diving will make the decision for you as to what type of equipment you are going to need. As my dive was in the warm Caribbean waters I didn't need any type of wet suit. I wore a BC vest. However, on deeper cold water dives you will want to make sure you are equipped with a dry suit that will handle cold.

Liquid Image 5.0MP Video Scuba Mask

One that seals against your face well. You'll need a good mask. A pair of booties and fins. You'll need a snorkel, a buoyancy compensator vest and a regulator with a gauge and a second mouthpiece. You'll want to do a lot of research on equipment before buying. As with most things technology is constantly changing scuba equipment. You'll want to talk with friends and instructors as to their recommendations.

There is a fairly large initial investment and you want to get the best you can for the money you spend. If your mask isn't tight enough and leaks, or if your fins are too tight and rub your heels that is what your mind will be on instead of the wonders of the sea. You also want to make sure that you're comfortable in all the pieces of your scuba gear. By the way, I would like to suggest Liquid Image which you can take Underwater video by your self too.

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