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Thinking of getting married? Vanuatu should be on your shortlist

While some visitors may enjoy simply lounging on the beach or taking land tours about Vanautu, others may want to experience a little more of the clear and soothing waters of this side of Paradise. Participating in watersports is a great way to enjoy the Vanautu sun and surf. Vanautu offers a variety of water activities that help create lasting memories.


Snorkeling is a must, kayaking is always fun, and a tour through the largest village in Vanautu, Mele, is a real treat. The Glass Bottom Kayaking tour package offers all that, and is one way to take advantage of the Vanautu vacation experience. Have a four hour morning or afternoon adventure, that will offer a guided air conditioned tour through Mele Village, to some awe inspiring snorkeling, glass bottom kayaking, and a refreshing light lunch.

Wet 'N' Wild provides several watersports activities to keep visitors busy. Inflatables are available for those who would like to experience "walking" on water or sliding down and around the hills of Mele inside a giant hydro ball, and/or just playing with various water park toys. In addition, there are jet boat rides and water skiing, tow behind tubes and wakeboarding, and a variety of other fun ways to enjoy the water.

Take a water tour around Port Vila Bay with U-Power Sea Adventures, guided by experienced tour guides. These relaxing tours provide a beautiful view of lush beaches, colorful sea life, and Port Vila waterfront mansions, all while visitors ride on a Zego Sports Craft.

Swimming in the ocean is still a wonderful way to enjoy the waters of Vanautu. The fish, turtles, and dolphin are used to humans, and it isn't usual for visitors to encounter the local underwater sea life as they swim along any of the hundreds of beaches in Vanautu. The sand may be black or white according to which beach is visited.


Nautilus Watersports is the best spot for scuba diving in Vanuatu. Beginners to pros can take advantage of the various diving options available, to include packages and exploration site preferences. For those who like exploring reefs, there are caverns and caves as well as reefs for their enjoyment. Ship wreck fans can find some of those for a little history. On-site quarters are available and great for the serious diver and their families or friends.

Parasailing doesn't get visitors as wet as the other watersports, but it's no less fun. Sailing high in the air while taking in the view of paradise is a watersport enjoyed by many people of all ages. It takes about ten minutes to experience the beauty of Port Vila from a new perspective, and the landing is as gentle as the breezes. An experienced guide will gladly help with this exhilarating adventure.

Anyone in Vanautu looking to do something fun with water won't be disappointed with all the options available. Boredom is simply not possible when there are so many ways to have fun in the water in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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