Sunday, January 30, 2011

Diving Holidays- Book Your Scuba Diving Holiday Yourself

Unless you live on an island on a coral reef, chances are you'll have to travel to get to the best scuba diving in the world. You'll have to save your pennies and book a scuba diving holiday, and since such holidays don't come cheap, it's important to shop around to try to find the best diving holiday deals in the best locations.

Fiji Diving

One way to take a scuba diving holiday is to organize everything yourself. This way you will get exactly the holiday you're looking for, but it will probably take a lot more planning and organizing than booking a tour. However, if you can't find a dive tour that fits your requirements, don't be afraid of booking and planning your diving holiday yourself.

The first thing you need to do is choose your location. You probably already have an idea of where you want to go. Perhaps Hawaii is calling you, or you'd like to dive a wreck somewhere. Perhaps the soft corals of Fiji have you entranced, or the endless wonders of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Once you have the destination sorted, start investigating local dive hire shops. Thankfully the internet makes this easy, and a few emails should have the details sorted out. It's a far simpler matter to hire scuba gear at your destination than carry all your equipment as baggage on your flight!

Booking your scuba diving holiday yourself has the advantage of saving money on accommodation. Many dive tour operators include accommodation in their packages, and this can suck up a huge part of your budget. You probably want your dive experience to be five star, but if you've got a budget to stick to, you can certainly be happy with a more a comfortable level of accommodation. While those little umbrellas in your cocktails are cute after a long day in the water, they're an unnecessary expense that shouldn't detract from the diving.

Depending on the country you visit you may be able to hire a local guide and your own dive boat to take you out to the reefs. This option is available in most South Pacific nations and can be a very cheap alternative to joining a larger launch run by an expensive dive company. However, if you do plan to join a large dive boat, make sure you check that they will pick you up from your accommodation and return you after the dive. You'll probably be exhausted after a day out on the reef, and trying to find local transport can be a hassle you don't need at this time.

And lastly, make sure you understand the cancellation policies on everything that you book. Booking your own scuba diving holiday is an easy task if you utilize all the advantages of the internet. You'll also have the opportunity to combine more specials and deals, and cut out the expense of a travel agent.

A scuba diving holiday needn't be the most expensive holiday you'll take, and if you take the time to plan it and organize it yourself, your diving holiday will turn out just the way you want it.

Fiji is one of the world's premier diving locations and a diving holiday in Fiji is likely to be completely unforgetable. You'll find a lot of helpful information about how to get five star diving packages and budget accommodation at Diving in Fiji

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