Thursday, January 6, 2011

Underwater Diversity Reveals Because of Underwater Technology

We know that the major portion of earth is covered by water. Around ¾ of earth's surface is covered by oceans. So if we don't explore the underwater we could not study the entire features of earth. Like the surface of earth, under water is also fully specified with large number of creatures and areas with lots of excitements. We makes use of various underwater technologies to study below the water.

Camera housing
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In earlier days, a camera cannot be wet. Cameras and associated items are to be kept in dry places. But now situations have changed. We can get it wet now and there are special cameras that can be brought under the water. Also you can make use of your digital cameras protected by special housing to prevent water to get in. Taking underwater photography is on of the hobbies of divers. Now you can take videos under the water. This underwater technology helps to study and know more about the life structure and creatures of the sea.

Since the study has extended to a wide reach and hence, people are able to understand the tragedies and incidents happened in history and we can find out the left over's from the underwater. Also we can study the underwater land or bottom of sea to know about the underwater earth quakes and surface movements of the earth. With different underwater technology, many undiscovered facts can be brought to light.

Some countries economy relies on some underwater technologies. Oil rigs and natural gas mines under the sea are the major revenue source of Gulf nations. Therefore, they have to develop specific underwater technology for doing research on the concerned field and discover new methods of extraction. But the price is in the risk and complications involved in the system.

The mysteries under the water cannot be discovered so fast. It requires its own time to discover underwater parts. Now, videos taken underwater will enable us to study about the developmental stage of the ocean and the living creatures' inside the water. There are several creatures which may not have been seen once in life. Life is almost similar to that on land. But the surroundings are different ad hence the creatures have its own changes by the nature.

Subsea technology is an underwater technology which is for meeting the demands of the engineering field for simulation and study purposes. Most of these systems are under the water and can be together called as deepwater systems. But this technology has its own limitations due to the sophisticated equipments required for this. Also the system is expensive and time consuming since the equipments is to be loaded on to a vessel.

We need a vehicle to transport the equipments to the deep sea for underwater analysis. But boarding on a huge ship will not be economical. But the equipments demand more workspace and accessories that can be fitted only on the ships. This makes this underwater technology difficult and costlier.

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