Friday, July 29, 2011

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Pool With a Young Family

Many Australians have backyard pools. It’s a firm part of our culture, and our closeness to the water is something we really pride ourselves on. So you’re thinking of investing in a pool at your place, but you have a young family and that makes you unsure?

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Below are some of the major pros and cons for getting a pool when you have a young family. Consider each of them as they apply to you and your situation, and come to an informed and well-considered decision.

Pros – why you should get a pool

- Water Safety
With Australia having such a strong water culture, it is vital your children learn and understand how to be safe around the water – and what better way to grasp this than to learn in your own backyard. This gives you the opportunity to ensure your kids know how to be safe and to monitor them closely as they swim.

- Exercise
Too many families sit inside and play video games and chat with people over the internet. The days of outside play are slowly dying out. Having a pool ensures that heat will provoke exercise – and interestingly, hot weather is usually a time when no one wants to work out!

- Develop coordination
Swimming also enables your young children to develop coordination and learn swimming techniques from a young age. This will help them out with other sports and pastimes in the future.

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- Bonding
As kids grow it can be more and more difficult to bond with them. The pool guarantees that you have a great way to bond from the youngest of ages, right into those dreaded teenage years.

- The weather
Australian summers can bring stifling heat. A backyard pool means you can escape it whenever you want to!

- Fun!
Your pool supplies stores can provide you with a range of toys for young and old, that will bring squeals of laughter and delight!


- Maintenance
A pool is a big responsibility. It requires upkeep and maintenance. If you purchase a pool for your backyard, you will need to undertake weekly, sometimes daily maintenance activities to ensure it stays in good shape.

- Cost
Pools are not a small cost, and in fact are quite an investment. Ensure your budget can really cover this cost, and the ongoing associated costs.

Swimming pool
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- Safety
Drowning is the leading cause of death in young Australian children. While the opportunity to teach them pool safety is a positive, the risk that they may be injured or drown when they are young is very real – and kids can’t be monitored 24/7. In accordance with laws, talk to a fencing contractor and get the right fencing put up around your pool.

- Put it to use – for only 6 months?
While our summers are hot, our winters can be cold. Consider that you are making a costly investment in a piece of equipment that will largely only be used for 6 months of the year. You can get a heater for the water, but what about the cold air when they get out?

- Space
Pools can take up a lot of area, especially when you consider they have to be fenced off for legal and safety reasons. Do you really have the space to spare?

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