Saturday, September 10, 2011

5 Great Cities to Experience from the Water

What is it that makes a great city? Is it the architecture? The people? The size? There are so many elements that go into making a city great, but when a city is set near water, it definitely goes up in people’s esteem. Think of London and the Thames, or Paris and the Seine, or Venice with its canals. Yes, it’s certain that major cities take a lot of personality from the water that surrounds them, and for many, experiencing the city from a boat on the water can be an experience like no other.

Sydney Harbour
Photo: express000

Whether you’re checking out Sydney from the comfort of a Sydney Harbour cruise or gazing back at Monaco City from the deck of a yacht, the water makes an interesting change of pace in terms of perspective. Here, we profile five great cities, best experienced from the water.

It goes without saying that a sinking city would be best experienced from a boat, but there is something truly magical about a gondola ride in beautiful Venice. As your gondolier paddles you through winding canals and you gaze up at ancient buildings, you really get a feel for the history and majesty of this city.

Auckland is set on the picturesque Waitemata Harbour and features a CBD structured around its beauty. While you can climb the Auckland Harbour Bridge or sit eating breakfast on the foreshore of the harbour, the best way to experience Auckland is in true Kiwi style—with your heart pumping! New Zealand loves its adrenalin sports, so why not take a jet boat ride in the harbour and watch the city go whizzing past?

Stockholm, Sweden
Photo: Claudio.Ar

Set on the stunning Stockholm Harbour on the Baltic Sea, the fairytale city looks almost surreal in its beauty. While walking the streets is a beautiful way to lose yourself in the architecture and culture, at some point in your stay it is essential to hop onboard a yacht, sail around the harbour and take in the beauty of the buildings where the city meats the sea.

Like Venice, Amsterdam is serviced by a series of canals, which means that both practically and aesthetically speaking, it’s better to see the city from the water. The canals weave their way through Amsterdam in lines, and many homeowners leave their houses only by boat. You can walk, you can bike-ride or you can (try to) drive a car, but there’s no denying that Amsterdam is best experienced from a gently rocking canal boat.

They don’t call it the Harbour City for nothing, and Sydney more than lives up to its name. Why not take in the attractions of this beautiful city from the calm waters of the harbour on a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise? There’s nothing better than combining a luxury meal with a spot of sightseeing, and trust us, the views from your boat definitely won’t disappoint!

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