Sunday, April 29, 2012

Little Cayman, Diving at its Best

Are you looking for the perfect diving experience? Little Cayman has a magical flavor that will get you hooked not only for its extraordinary diving, but also for its solitude and tranquility. Little Cayman, really, is a small island, where iguana residents are more populous than humans are.

Photo: Tom Gruber

Despite its small size, renowned divers established the island in the world map for being a great scuba diving site. Transportation to the island is through twin-prop plane that swoops down over the vivid turquoise sea onto the grass landing of its tiny airport. It is one of the Caribbean’s most unspoiled and untrammeled destinations, but new airports and new developments are changing its landscape.

 Many people trooped to Little Cayman because there is no traffic jam or crowds to disturb your peace. The only sound you hear is the chirping of the bird and the sound of the Caribbean Sea as it laps the shore at your doorstep. You can pass your day lazing on the hammock, diving or snorkeling, exploring deserted island, dine by the sea, or sleep under millions of stars at night.

Whether your buoyancy needs some work, or you may want to fine tune your diving skills, Little Cayman diving can help you improve in many areas such as buoyancy tips, which will help you linger more underwater if you find something that is interesting.

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