Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Best Diving Sites to Explore in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia boasts as having the top diving destinations in the world because of its tropical climate and bountiful marine environments. From Thailand to Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the others, you will surely enjoy the temperate sea breezes, the good visibility underwater, colorful reefs teeming with fishes and, they come very inexpensive. Southeast Asia is home to unexplored islands making them the perfect getaway for those who want some relaxation and solitude.


Thailand is great for scuba diving and you have varied choices between the east and west, though your destination is mainly dependent on the monsoons. The Similan Islands is recognized as the best diving site in Thailand because of its gentle sloping hard coral reefs and rocky landscapes.


From diving spots, World War II wrecks to great seafood, you will find plenty of fun things to do in the Philippines. The Sulu Sea covers numerous dive spots where you can find the popular Tubbataha Reefs whose atolls are turtles’ nesting grounds. It has good visibility up to 100 feet and is home to a number of sharks, manta rays, tuna, and jacks.

Dive Bali

If you are planning a diving trip to Southeast Asia, other noteworthy diving sites to explore include Bali in Indonesia for its surf and temples, the Perenthian Islands in Malaysia for its postcard worthy scenery and World War II wrecks, and Pulau Sipadan in Borneo for its sheer drop-off walls and the diversity of its marine life. Taiwan is a big surprise for divers but the Green Island is worth visiting because of the school of hammerheads sharks that visit the island from January to March.

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