Monday, August 26, 2013

Check Your Marine Hardware Before Diving Trip

It is important to always have marine hardware on your boat that functions perfectly. Even on a small lake, going out on a broken boat can be rather dangerous. When something goes wrong, you could only have a few minutes to get help; you could become stranded far from shore or the boat could even start to sink. If your boat is in tip-top condition before you ever hit the water, this will not happen, which is why so much time and effort should be put into checking over the boat each spring, before you launch it for the year.


There are some telltale signs that can show you that pieces of hardware need to be replaced. If the lines connecting the sail to the deck look frayed, you should replace them so that they do not snap in heavy winds. After that, check the cleats to see if they are rusting at all, something that can happen quickly with non-galvanished cleats. You should also check the wood under the cleats to see that it is not rotting, which may happen if water gets inside the screw holes, compromising the cleat's integrity even if it is in good condition. Lastly, check the drain in the rear of the boat to ensure that it is not plugged or cracked, that it will effectively drain the water that the craft takes on.

Overall, you just need to examine the boat for little signs of damage and decay. Anything that is starting to wear out should be replaced.

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