Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Home to the best diving and snorkeling in Thailand

The Similan Islands National Park is known for long white coral sand beaches, crystal blue waters, warm tropical nights and cooling breezes coming off the Andaman Sea. Nine Unihabited islands with some of the best scenery in Thailand. The Similan Islands are very easy to visit. Located only 50 Kilometers from Khao Lak - The Similan Islands may be visited for one day, overnight or on tours. It's now open (on November 1 each year) with a time to visit.

Similan Diving

There are no resorts or stores on the Similans - only a couple of ranger stations and a few bungalows available for rent. The Similan Islands are home to a huge variety of marine life and incredible opportunities to see rare and endangered species. The Similan Islands are scattered with uninhabited white sandy beaches, the waters glow aqua marine blues and emerald greens, the corals are covered with many types of small marine life. The Similans offer you some of the best scuba diving in the world.

Often referred to as one of the best dive spots in the world - you will probably agree after visiting. While the underwater world may attract some people, there are also many varieties of birds and animals on the Similan islands. And of course, the long beaches! With wonderful underwater scenery and rather shallow sea level, the horseshoe-shaped island, partly encircling a small bay in the west, is suitable for skin diving to look at coral reefs and colorful fishes. In the north, large stones of different shapes and sizes are noticeable from a distance. Similan island is the largest island amoung the Similan Islands.

All reputable dive shops are affiliated with PADI or other international dive bodies, and most hold courses in multiple languages. All over Thailand, you can expect modern amenities, international standard boats and professional facilities.

Similan boats

For group or family travelers, all good live aboard operations will take non-divers along at a substantially reduced fee. Friends and family can relax, swim, sunbathe, snorkel and still enjoy the food, trip, scenery and experience of sailing in some of the world’s most beautiful waters.


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