Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fresh Water Aquarium for Beginners

Many of us love to have fish as pets because watching them can make you feel calm. It is a great stress buster, which even lowers the blood pressure of some people. The soothing calm not only benefits adults but even hyperactive children as well. A freshwater aquarium also serves as a decorative piece, and it can be your living room’s focal point instead of the television. It can be educational for kids and its maintenance will not take much of your time.

fish tank
Photo: calwhiz

Before you set up an aquarium, make sure that you have everything you need. When making a tank selection, do not go smaller than 10 gallons as tiny aquariums require far more skill than larger ones. You must also select small, hardy fish especially if you are a beginner. For children, it is wise to choose acrylic rather than glass for safety purposes. It also weighs less than glass and does not get easily broken.

Children and teenagers would often choose colorful decorations, which is not a natural setting for the fish. This will just become too stressful for the fish to live in. Also, do not buy the fish the same day you purchase the tank. Some of the common mistakes of new owners include adding too many fish too soon and overfeeding. It is best to stabilize the temperature of the temperature of the freshwater aquarium and let it run for a day or two before adding the fish.

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