Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Experience the World of the Deep with Google Underwater Street View

Do you want to experience the underwater world? You might think that it is not possible, but with Google Underwater Street View, it is now possible. All you need to experience this seemingly impossible task is your computer, smartphone, or tablet. To capture these amazing images, underwater vehicles with three SVII cameras were used in the course of six months.

Google Underwater Street View

Google tied up with Caitlin Seaview Survey to come up with realistic underwater views just like you are navigating the streets of New York City. You can splash underwater or swim through colorful coral reefs and forests. If you like to see the Amazon or Antarctica up close and personal, this is now your big chance. It provides a360-degree panoramic view with colorful schools of fish, rare sea turtles, and manta rays. This would also benefit scuba diving enthusiasts as they can now view the site before taking the dip.

With Google maps, you can now have an underwater street view of the places that you only see through movies and television. Underwater views from the seven continents, which include seven stunning vistas including the Great Barrier Reef and the different prominent sites in Hawaii, Australia and Philippines, can now be experienced easily without wetting your toes.

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