Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Key Element in All Water Sports

For years now, wetsuits have been playing a very important role in making water sports such as scuba diving and deep sea diving hugely popular all over the world; without which, it would be impossible to join in such sports as the cold water can be very dangerous to your health.

Though you can find inexpensive wetsuits or you can just easily rent one, selection of a good wetsuit requires some study and proper research. You must choose wisely if you do not want to end up with an ill-fitting wetsuit that can leave you uncomfortable, or worse, chilly.

Most wetsuits are differentiated by the thickness of their neoprene material, which is measured in millimeters. However, they all functions the same since they do not prevent the movement of water, but instead, slows down the water’s current.

Scuba and deep-sea divers can choose from a range of wetsuits that include the ‘shorties,’ ‘steamers’ or full wet suits, ‘convertible,’ ‘farmer John,’ ‘dry suits,’ and those that come in combos such as 6-4-3; according to the divers’ lingo.

Triathletes can also benefit from using triathlon wetsuits that will not only keep the frigid water from paralyzing their arms ands muscles, but improver their swimming speed as well by 3 to 7% against their suit-less competitors.

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