Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Magnificent Underwater Scene of Pulau Hantu

There’s a place in Singapore where you can indulge in the beauty of nature you may have never imagined before.

Image: pulauhantu.sg

Pulau Hantu is a spectacular island situated in southern Singapore. Its splendid water sceneries have attracted thousands of people from various parts of the world. Stay active and fit by exploring more of what Pulau Hantu has in store for people from all walks of life. Marvel at the God-given sights that surround this one of a kind place in Singapore where everything under the sun is possible.

Catch Your Very First Fish

Catch your very first fish when you set foot in Singapore, only at Pulau Hantu. Bountiful fishes and other sea creatures abound within Pulau’s underwater. You’ll never run out of fishes to catch at Singapore’s number one outdoor destination where everything is all about fun and adventure.

Go on an unforgettable water adventure with your family. Take your kids to Pulau Hantu when school is out during the summer. Let your little ones see one of the irresistible top summer destinations in Asia. Integrate learnings to your holiday adventure at Pulau. Teach kids how to fish at Pulau Hantu. You’ll be amazed at how fast they learn fishing before your summer getaway even ends.

Go Snorkeling to Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself to do something daring and different. Go snorkeling at Pulau Hantu and let a different you shine like no other. See diverse creatures under water while testing your endurance. Make sure to bring your diving mask to ensure healthy well-being under water. Witness an underwater life unfold right in front of you in Singapore. Proudly tell your family and friends how you’ve conquered hindrances to succeed in your quest to penetrate Singapore’s underwater life.

Go Ghost Hunting

Another unique adventurous activity awaits you at Pulau Hantu. Go ghost hunting to showcase your bravery and toughness. Word has it that Pulau is home to Malay warrior ghosts. These ghosts have been rumored to invisibly inhabit Pulau for centuries already. Keep a keen eye on the ghosts that likely lurk in Pulau when few people are around.

Home for Clownfish and Angelfish

Pulau’s underwater seas are the homes for Singapore’s clownfish and angelfish. If you’re one of those people who prefer to see these fishes while out on an adventure, then you should make Pulau Hantu your next travel destination.

Get a Singapore Tan

Get a Singapore tan in any one of Pulau Hantu’s legendary beaches. Rest assured that you’ll get the privacy you deserve even while sunbathing at a public beach in Pulau. Pulau’s beaches are secluded away from the noises that surround the other areas within the island. Indulge in the quiet environments that surround Pulau’s beach while the bright sun shines down on you.

Calming Water Views

Staring out into Pulau’s aesthetic water views lets you escape your problems for the day on a regular basis. Drive by Pulau conveniently to enjoy its soothing water views if you live at a condo for rent within Singapore’s southern regions.

Make every day a holiday when you live in areas that surround Pulau Hantu. Many vacation rentals are situated nearby the areas that surround Pulau Hantu. Choose the vacation rental that suits your needs and preferences the most while on a holiday getaway at Pulau.

Pulau Hantu, your tropical paradise in Southeast Asia’s renowned Lion City. Explore this side of Singapore during your next travel getaway. Share the valuable experiences with your family along the way. Remember, life is too short to miss the amazing things that it has to offer.

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