Monday, November 10, 2014

Sentosa Island: Singapore's Underwater World with a Twist of Dolphins

Sentosa Island is an elegant, yet nature friendly place in Singapore you won’t be able to resist. A refreshing side of Singapore is visibly present at Sentosa.


If you still haven’t been to Sentosa, then you’re missing a lot of things. Rest assured that only good things await you at Singapore’s leading tourist spot. Don’t be afraid to trust your instincts. Below are the attractions surrounding Sentosa that will never fail to take your breath away in an instant.

Play with the Dolphins

If it’s your lifelong dream to play and swim with the dolphins for real, then witness your dream come to life at the Dolphin Island. Have fun while you let the dolphins guide you in an exciting water adventure you’ll treasure by heart.

Take note that the adventure does not stop there. You have the option to participate in an interactive learning session at Dolphin Island. This session will let you learn more about the dolphins in general while spending time at the attraction.

Witness a Typhoon at Sentosa

There’s still something more to look forward to at S.E.A. Aquarium even if you’ve already seen enough of your share of water creatures or animals.

How about witnessing a typhoon strike the aquarium? Experience a typhoon wreck a ship while on a voyage. Once you enter the theatre, you’ll witness a video that previews the voyage. When the video ends, you’ll find yourself on board a ship once you’re seated.

The theatre’s 3D effects are going to make the typhoon come alive, complete with thunderstorms and rain! Expect yourself to get wet at the theatre where full of surprises await you.

More Underwater Fun at Adventure Cove

More underwater fun await those who are craving for more of it. Adventure Cove is the place to be for snorkeling and endless discovery of what lies beyond a river. A tube takes you below the attraction’s adventure river. Once you’ve swam below it, unique mystical looking water animals come into view. Alternatively, you can also snorkel at Adventure Cove just like what you’d do in a beach or any other nature setting.

A River Raft Ride at Universal Studios Singapore

The legendary Hollywood theme park at Singapore has a water adventure in store for everyone, too. Yes, you can ride a river raft at Singapore’s Universal Studios. The Lost World’s Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure completes your craving for a suspenseful water activity in a world of ancient dinosaur dwellings.

Everyday Life nearby Sentosa Island

Sentosa is a home away from away for everything fun and happy. You’ll only be able to call it your home permanently, though, if you live in an area close to the island.

Mount Sophia’s Sophia Hills Residences has everything you’re looking for in an outdoor themed condo. The property is expected to be situated above the classic Mount Sophia hill. Future residents at Sophia Hills will not have problems enjoying water adventure activities at nearby Sentosa on a regular basis.

Make everyday a holiday upon moving in at Sophia Hills Residences. Expect Sophia Hills’ TOP by 2018.

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